Are there others out there who care about this stuff too? (More OCD for fellow detail design nerds)Were drawnto a certain kind of person here,the ones looking for something simpler- those who nerd out on details- stuff like blue-collar tokens that would never be saved. The little hotel soaps, souvenir decals- the throwaways.Its the details that we take for granted… until you find yourself 60 yrs later realizing that everything around you is now new & improved. There will always be a reason to replace the old ways of doing things: modern, cheaper, faster. So when come across a vintage fold-over tin lapel pin,we think of the family company that made these back in the day a business that provided enough to support their families for generations.One by one, they would be put out of business by armies of factories in China.The truth is that nobody in the U.S. can afford to make them anymore.So to pay homage to their contribution and to honor our own blue color history as a family-owned getaway, we begged to get this limited edition run made. .None of us really notice these sorts of things disappearing individually.Its a gradual thing until one day everything is neon plastic, electric and new.Youll find cheaper, more durable pins anywhere.The only redeeming quality a few kindred spirits may find in ours is that theyre reminiscent of a time and place we cant go back to.It makes us appreciate how far weve come, and how sometimes the best way to get perspective is to take a step back.So heres to stepping back 60 years.Were introducing some throwbacks perspective keepers – starting with these lapel pin sets.Camp Wandawega. Not new, not Improved, since 1925.And If youre a geek for all the details that most folks dont give a damn about,head to todays FB post for all the OCD BTS deets * Hunting down the last remaining printer in The US take their equipment out of retirement.* Finding a 1940s dep store letterpress price tagger in someones garage.* Collecting 40s – ’60s price tags * Hoarding vintage rack cardsto get the font*Hunting down souvenir pins for reference.More at #wandawegacustoms