We love people who play..Those not afraid to cross country ski in -5 windchill.Or skate a homemade icerink rough enough to double as an obstacle course.Those who actually want to snowshoe uphill on a rocky trail.The crazy ones throwing themselves head-first down a hill on sleds the size of dinner plates.But mostly, we love people who play because they remind us of a time (not so long ago) that waiting for the recess bell took a lifetime…. and a #SNOWDAY was the very best day of the year.Thanks, @lululemon for the reminder that we should never, ever sit out another snow day.Photos from 50 athletes from their retreat at camp this past weekend. This community of fun-seekers did allll the winter camp things: hockey, sledding, capture the flag, snow shoeing, pool, darts, camp fires, macrame classes, card games in the lodge, espresso in the treehouse, chef meals. .#lululemonambassadors #lululemon#lululemonsnowday#snowday#lululemonchi