They say Be careful what you wish for.(So as we brace ourselves for the upcoming season, we have to also remember that were the ones that prayed for this to happen someday)As Wandawega approaches its 95th year, the forecast for cultural, creative and charitable events will be the most in our history. Its partially due to the tolerance of past guests (and their forgiveness theyve extended us on yelp). And partly because of the kindness & open-mindedness of those in the press that stuck their necks out for us.So because our biggest fear would be to disappoint folks coming with higher expectations than we can manage- were preparing now & embracing growth in all forms, by: .> Launching the new camp programming series.> Launching our the camp Excursions series.> Launching our CulinaryCamp program in the coming weeks.> Breaking ground on the new camping cluster this spring> Introducing our heritage custom products series (rolling out throughout the season)> Debuting the new Wandawega Tails & Trails newspaper (on press now)Part of camps unlikely success is learning gratitude..Something that helped us do this is a recent read:Harvard Business Review Emotional Intelligence Purpose, Meaning + Passion. It breaks down the 3 basic archetypes of work mindsets:The Job-driven. (Those seeking a paycheck)The Career-driven. (Those seeking power, position, prestige, control)The Purpose-driven. (Those seeking their calling through passion for their work to make positive change for others.) ..To learn which mindset youre in, take their log exercise the results will tell you what occupation you actually have (and if the track youre on is leading you to financial independence, lasting legacy, emotional fulfillment & control of your own destiny). .Maybe you’re lucky & you already have it all figured out. .But If youre like most of the rest of us & didnt know for sure, its a MUST READ.The thing we now know is that we are indebted for this chance to create work that manifests opportunities for other peoples growth (& our own) with passion & purpose. .. YOU DONT FIND YOUR PURPOSE. YOU BUILD IT. . … @onefinedayproductions