Given our collective circumstances, weve decided to try stepping back a hundred years – embracing daily life and the routines that were here when camp was first built.Weve spent the past 15+ years stocking camp with the things to take us back to a simpler time. And were just realizing that this forced situation has gifted us the opportunity to live life a little more like its 1925 again.The way Charlies great great grandparents lived could teach us something about simplicity, resourcefulness and self reliance.OUR TOP 10 to-do list: (once our meeting calls wrap)… .Crack open a book whose pages havent been seen since the 1800s.. Cook something all day long in the stewpot.. Make a small batch cocktail.. Organize the root cellar pantry.Repair old sports equipment & fishing equipment.. Light a fire in the hearth..Nap. (What is that?). . Take a long bath in a tub somebody took their baths in 100 years ago. . .Forage & finally make that door wreath.No better place to practice social distancing than from a cabin in the woods. Thankfully, weve got enough here to provide folks what we all need most, separation and privacy. Our only communal space is 24 acres of wooded trails.So lets all take a step back to appreciate what we have in each other.Keep each other safe, eat alllll the Vitamin C gummiesandwash your hands like your life depends on it.Because somebodys may.Moments and memories captured by @Emilieanneszabo@Callieleichty@Ryanleichty@dearhyssop