We feel like now may be a nice time to start hand writing people notes and letters again. .Next up in our Commissary collection: the write home camp set. .Took us forever to find these – memo pads (they where government issue for MilItary homesick soldiers to write home in the 40s) they could fit in their military breast pocket. .We had Bic make us our own custom pens – this style was present at every utilitarian mom and pop business in America. (This one was inspired by my dads auto repair shop when I was a kid). Utility and simplicity never go out of style. .The black and white photo here is of some tourist guests of Hotel Wandawega in the 1949…. back when people took the time to writ each other letters and read the paper. (And cared to dress up in heels to do it.). (Sets available to guests in our commissary gift shop this spring)First couple shots: @nathanmichael