Spending some family time together.#CountYourPennies Weve been collecting vintage souvenir squeeze coin purses forever, so we finally got off our tails and made our own. .Each keychain comes with a real Indian head penny, a copy of the original patent, and some history of penny:This Indian head penny is a lucky talisman. They were made from 1859-1909.In the era of this penny…A newspaper was 1 cent.5 cents could buy you a beer.2 cents bought you a cup of coffee.5 cents for a loaf of bread.18 cents was a shirt makers day wages.$1 got you a hotel room.(Then later in 1925 here at Wandawega Hotel you would have paid $1.25 a night)These are our newest addition to our metro camp store, in our 1940s deadstock Gay Products Co. Retail display for our camp commissary and swag kits for guests (the little things make us happy).##first run: 200 . Busy hands, happy hearts (although Charlie quit after 2 purses) ………..For those who have expressed concern about our coin purse coming with these type of old penny:We try to be sensitive to the differences between appreciating a culture and appropriating a culture. Many images that we take for granted are cultural staples that represent things, people or moments important to the spirituality and everyday lives of indigenous peoples. We try to make sure such items at Camp are presented as a reflection of their traditional usage in 20th century Americana, even though we acknowledge that was a controversial period in the relationship between the tribes and the government. For better or worse, our history is steeped in controversy – from the faux-native name of the lake, to being a Prohibition-era speakeasy with multiple federal raids for gambling, prostitution, and illegal liquor. For all of these topics we try to find opportunities to foster a dialogue with guests around the historical context. We still have a lot to learn, so we’re always happy to take pointers from others who are more knowledgeable about these important topics..More at #wandawegacustoms