We took a Social Distancing Staycation & this is what happened.For sanity sake, we decided to go off the grid (even farther up north) last week for a bit. Turns out that renting a museum house in its off-season (& when its closed to the public) is a novel way to avoid people, and still feel like youre taking a vaca. We got to move into a the literal time capsule 4-bedroom riverfront house that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for 1938 @LIFE Magazine. (This is Charlie in the living room one morning)..The (almost) best part: It cost less than the price of one night in hotel room in downtown Chicago. And anyone can rent it.Top 10 favorite things that we did without coming near another human – that well will def do again once the world is back to safe:TYPE up plans B,C & D on the original antique house typewriter..CRAFT something from GirlScouts 1952 camp curriculum book. .BUILD an endless hearth fire (aka: roasting smores in a literal work of art) ..DRIVE the tourist route of the 1886 Two Rivers Harbor fishing village & THE @hamiltonwoodtype .HIKE along the the riverside (right outside the door) ..SKETCH from the tutorial from the 1961 book How to draw Wildflowers. ..VISIT Oprahs fav 1932 confectionary time capsule (with curbside pickup) @beerntsens ..READ an architecture book from the in-house FLW collection library. ..TOAST with friends zoom cocktail soiree ..BAKE virtually – guided cookie class (thank you, @tanjababich)No.of days : 4No. of family members : just us 3 No. people we came in contact with : 0 .Thank you, SCHWARTZ HOUSEhttps://tinyurl.com/v7lzdzz