Some things you can’t break.When youre trying to make a home in a place thats nearly 100 years old, you come to accept that many things will be broken most of the time.THINGS THAT BREAK HERE: The toilets, drain tiles, the wifi, our pickup, Frankies eyesight.So we were surprised that after weeks of being lost, this soggy box showed up on our driveway..Look close – you can just make out “unbreakable.” A tiny reminder that there are still some things that can’t be broken.This place has sustained without breaking longer than we ever will:A Wall Street crash in 1929, just a few years after opening.The Great Depression.Several wars…eventually becoming a get-away for refugees displaced by one of those wars (Davids mom was one)..Its always managed to stay open, partially because it never grew too big for its britches.Its owners were families that lived and worked here, and the church who kept it going by sheer elbow grease, grit and will power..They kept their dreams small enough to manage, to keep this place going, no matter how tough times got.We hear now that things are likely to get worse before they get better. So we’re trying to take stock of the Unbreakable things…When we were stocking this 1950s-era display we noticed the brand name printed at the top says FAITH.These combs are unremarkable in every way.They are not bone, horn, handmade, or carved from old-growth hickory.They are the definition of a disposable.Unless you – like us- have a soft spot for the throwaways from another time.We like to think that little things can remind us of the bigger things.Like how my dad carried one of these in his shirt pocket when he was still young enough to care.There is a dignity in hanging on to things without pretense; when it has no “show” value but still holds meaning.This place will continue to fall apart faster than we can fix it.So we accept the fact that there are a million things broken here.But we will not let our faith in human resilience be one of those things that break.So while we’re all in quarantine, dont forget to keep the faith.And keep combing your hair..More at #WandawegaCustoms