Home Quarantine project No. 10 (In our continued mission to find and make microdoses of happy through distraction projects)-We are recreating little products by finding the small businesses who still fabricate them the old school way.Does anybody else remember these from grandmas fridge?Hard to find the 60s era molded ones anymore. (Most out there are printed shiny, flat and modern slick). So we were excited to find that this little shop still not only makes them the old school way, but still spray paints them by hand (that perfect shade of National Park Brown, sea foam green, weird 70s beige)Custom Made in Union, Missouri from the only manufacturer of molded magnets in the US that can still make them in house. .David is less excited about this, because we had to order enough for a small army so well still be handing these out until were all raisins. .Thank you, @classicmagnets! When you support them you #SupportSmallBusiness… . ( last shot: some of our research aka; hoarding) .we arent open yet to sell these, so were going to give them away along with a few other products from this throwback collection – deets to comeMore at #WandawegaCustoms