slide for the AFTER >>>.(Quarantine barn find project)My little brother Sam texted me this 1st shot a few months ago from a shed he was standing in, knee deep in bat crap and cobwebs.SAM: You wont believe what I found- I think you need this for WandawegaME: You can’t be serious. Dont show David, he’ll Want it. We wouldnt know where to start ( I like to think we arent afraid of projects – but this looked to be too far gone). Flash forward what feels like a blink: Sam just texted me these progress photos yesterday.Now I know why he got it for free– it had no interior, and almost nothing to work with but the body- it’s a 1958 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller. ..Hes been busy and with some social distancing baton passing buddies pitching in ( Jack helping on woodwork, Kevin on paint). Hes already rebuilt it from ground up.He and his youngest daughter Samantha have this crazy idea of making it an Ice cream selling wagon at our hometown fair..Sam’s always loved a lost cause project – and usually has a half dozen in the works at any given time. But theres something to be said for elbow grease & sheer will power, especially when youre stuck at home with only time. It’s inspiring to see all the dream projects people have been taking on and sharing since the stay at home order was put into effect, but even more inspiring when people can show us how to see past the ugliness of a current situation -& instead to see a bright little future underneath.Samantha is still 11, so Sam is gonna have to drive her ice cream wagon to the fair. If the fair doesn’t happen this year, he wants to park it on main street of our rural hometown. But when it’s time, she’s going to be ready &we want to be the first in line to buy one of her cones.It seems like now is the most ill advised time to start dreaming of opening a small business..But I for one am thankful for those crazy dreamers who help us see farther out past this dark time. .(&now wishing Id said yes to this beautiful little wagon.) .*sam and Samantha arent done yet- well post the rest of the ‘afters’ soon. (last few shots are the old ads / inspiration)