HOW IT WORKS:THE FOOD CRATES MUSTBE ORDERED A WEEK IN ADVANCE.DELIVERIES ARE ONLY MADE WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY (ORDER BY MONDAY MORNING)MISSED YOUR WINDOW TO ORDER EARLY? NO WORRIES! (THEELEGANT FARMER HOURS ARE 10-6)GO THERE IN PERSON & SEE EVERYTHING THEY HAVE TO OFFER!NOTE THE SUBSTITUTES MAY HAVE TO BE MADE BASED ON AVAILS AND TO PLACE YOUR ORDER: CALL262-363-6770(you canspeak to any bakery or merchandise)THE CRATE PRICE IS ABOUT $202.Now more than ever, its important to remember the little guys. Its make-or-break time for too many small businesses..Were trying to do our part to support the local smalls.We wont have anywhere to come back to when we come out of this if we dont help them stay open now.One of our favorites local smalls is @elegantfarmerpies who we partnered up with for our new Culinary Camping program. (Shop from our Camp Newspaper, then Apple crates of Wisconsins best foods get delivered to your cabin door with a phone call) .Like you, were looking forward to getting back to the day that we can go back to normal. And when this order is lifted, we cant wait to launch this program. along with our new implementation of our Camp No contact virtual check in processes. (Meaning that you have the option to check in online – without coming in contact with a person if you choose)This is where we take the social distancing need next level. Because of our small staff, weve always been way more DIY than most resorts- but with our new system, folks will now get to isolate in private buildings to their hearts content. .For the first time, were able to truly appreciate how having 25 acres with quarters in separate buildings will help us all keep distance- keep sanity – keep hope- in the shared great Wisco outdoors.Were grateful to be afforded the privilege of keeping our staff gainfully employed during this downtime to build, grow & repair. So that we can come back stronger, better, safer than before.Sending all small businesses the best vibes right now to pull through this, too. ..#StayAtHome #supportyourlocalbusinessesNewspaper photo by @nathanmichael More at #wandawegacustoms