Quarantine project No.12:Wandawega homemade Spruce & Fir Infused OIL (our 11 step process)1 HARVEST : clip only the young branches..2 WASH : with mild soap (we used @mrsmeyerscleanday ).3 DRY: pat dry, spread out flat to air dry..4 CLIP : To scale to fit in your jar ..5 MASH : up the needles in the vessel..6 MIX : in almond oil to soak them completely..7 COVER : screw lid down tight..8 STORE: in a dark and cool place.9 SHAKE : daily. for 14 straight days..10 STRAIN : through cheesecloth..11 BOTTLE: we discovered the motherload of hundreds Un used brand pristine dead stock 1960s amber glass medicine bottles and made a private label. (More Deets on that to come)WHY WHITE PINE ?It is said to treat lots of ailments, But favorite is that is has calming properties. And because we are holed up in 24 acres thats packed with all varieties of evergreen trees. So you use what you have. . (Best stop: bottling and packaging of hundreds of little vintage products)Thanks @ahutchgram for always saying that sounds like a great idea no matter how ridiculous it sounds at the time Im saying it.