UPDATE ON THE GIVEAWAY: we packaged up all of first test batch samples that we show here to ship out to those who asked – We wish we had more to share, and will announce it here if we are able to sell it in the future through our camp store opening soon! Thanks to everyone who reached out!.Camp Made White Pine & Spruce Infused Oil. *comment below if u want one.(Part II of our homeMade infused oilTrials – After daily shaking of the concoction, strain the oil through a pillow case into bottles)We sourced a 200-count bulk lot of vintage 1960s era pharmacy bottles to funnel ours into.TYPE DESIGN NERD WARNING:I finally had an excuse to break out the antique Duro Sign Maker Decals that we found years ago at an antique junk shop downstate. Four seperate metal cases, each with assortments of of 1930s -50s fonts: Gold leaf style, drop shadow, block, all water-transfer in untouched new old stock condition. These letters were the poor mans sign painter, applied one at a time, on any surface from metal to glass to wood. Trunk libraries like this were self-serve stations found in every hardware store in America back in the day. (The packaging recommends lettering your work truck with them among other things.) Weve been Duro-lettering everything at camp since we found this lot. Every metal trunk holds a different overflowing library of fonts, in a range of sizes, styles, colors. Super industrial (and considering that theyre nearly 80 years old, most still work remarkably well.) ..- So weve got the first small batch of Infused oils ready. We dont have this tested yet, so were just giving some away from our initial homemade trial batch. Let us know below if anybody wants to be a guinea pig, were giving this assortment away. And because weve been making so much new swag lately, your bottle will come boxed up with a few other little surprises inside as well.- BENEFITS & USES:We are not infused oil experts by any stretch – but have been told the following ;The crisp, clean, and woodsy aromas of evergreen oils have grounding properties that help instill peace and calming. conifer essential oils a combat stress & anxiety.