FREE TO ANYONE WHO WANTS ONE : CAMP MADE WHITE PINE & FIR HAND SANITIZER..**update: weve already pulled 70 to ship out, and gathering addresses for them now – but please feel free to share positive vibes for others below!* Because Kindness is contagious, too. .Share a supportive thought below and well ship you a bottle (we’re starting with a run of 200 and have the first 7o ready to ship out to our IG & FB friends).when we look back and ask “did I do everything I could to help?” the answer will likely (for us personally) be no; but at the very least we’ll take small comfort trying. Love seeing people show their support sewing masks, giving blood, or singing out windows .SO HERE’S OUR STARTER LIST:looking for more ideas and we hope you share .1. Keeping our full time staff on the payroll.2. Closing camp (shutting off revenue) for now, (although not mandated for hotels)3. Support our teachers by paying for afterschool care – even while it’s closed.4. Joining co-workers (at the full time job) to voluntarily cut our paychecks down to help support the office.5. Making CDC recipe sanitizer (w/our home made infused oil) to share w/friends, family, neighbors & yall.6. Getting tested tomorrow (for antibodies – so we know if we can donate to Natl COVID Convalescent Plasma Project ) .Our list isnt long enough yet- it just gives us a chance to feel less helpless by at least trying to make an effort. .Those who are doing far more are the first responders: My niece who is a hospital tech & her ambulance driving hubby. And my sister who is an ER nurse. They’re too busy saving lives to have time to post selfies about their #ThisIsMyRealLife paired with long walks in the great outdoors. They give me a needed good dose of humility and make me want to do were looking for new ways to stave off future regret- Help us do that by letting us know if you could use a bottle. We hope that once its empty, it can serve its other intended purpose – as a reminder to take stock of what you’re grateful for and to help others. We’ll pick 70 & reach for your address. comes in antique pharmacy bottles w/ labels donated by @StickerGiant #wandawegacustoms