Temporary remedy for cabin fever :Sun, dogs (and kids to chase the dogs- that chase the frisbees)Future camp-store-offering:OUR CAMP FLYING DISKS ARE GOOD FOR 2 THINGS: now & when we open back up again:1: Quarantine days when we can all take field trips to the park.2: Standard issue- as part of our new camper-check-in-registration packetsWho remembers these from 70’s & 80’s summers? We can’t get enough of the graphics. (and are honestly fighting the urge to hoard. them. all.) ..In case you didnt know (we didnt)Late 19th-century students at Yale played catch with pie plates made by the nearby Frisbie Baking Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut. They yelled Frisbie! to warn passersby away from the spinning discs. – NATIONAL SCHOOL OF PLAYThank you, George, Charlie, Frankie & Bailee- you have more energy than we ever remember having..More at #wandawegacustoms