Found in the trunks in the sealed up shed…Mark at @deconstructioninc let us in for a private buying visit today.He and his team are salvagers – going into old homes and buildings to rescue everything from the architectural bones of the structures to what was left inside – saving it from the landfill.Their excursions resulting in a treasure trove of all things historic for sale in their warehouse in Madison, Wisconsin..We came to pick up two century old doors for our new project. Although we wanted to buy everything, Our favorite part of the visit was seeing the spoils of a score Mark got from a phone call to empty out a tin shed. The building had been sealed up for so long that a big tree had grown in front – blocking the door.Once inside they uncovered floor to ceiling antique trunks, meticulously packed – preserving three generations of everything one family had packed away nearly a century ago. The story of this family unfolding with every scrap of paper theyd acquired from signed dinner napkins of seating arrangements at parties, hand made baby clothes to boxes of albums and so much more. .One of those albums was behind the front desk. And the photos shown here are of some of the men of that family. (He gave us a couple of the shots – we are going to give them a place of prominence in the new space we are building out).The last shots / clip is of when they are opening one of the trunks. (We almost bought those beaver pelt gloves but theyre made for Wisconsin rugged outdoorsman at the turn of the century, not driving to the office)..Thank you Mark, for sharing the stories and the history behind all of your finds. And also for the private access – we will be back often when we can all come back out in the world again..Anybody who wants to go on a buying trip – contact @deconstructioninc to make a special appointment for a socially distanced visit.