For the moms.Someday when the world is back, we’re gonna’ host a mothers day brunch for you.Until then, sending you all a virtual seat at the table. On this day, Its our tradition to plant all of our camp flowers boxes, planters and pots on this weekend just in time for our opening weekend. This year were still planting, setting the tents, tipis, setting the pews, hauling out the camp fleet preparing camp as we always do. ’cause it’s our way of pushing on, doing what we love, and so well be ready when you are.So for all the moms, especially the moms out there that are struggling to juggle homeschooling, careers, day jobs while burning the midnight oil while chasing their small businesses dreams WE SALUTE YOU!And are sending you all the luck, light (and virtual flowers) today. .Bless you for the inspiration you share because while your pictures may make it look easy – we know that its anything but.LOVE, Camp..Due credit for all the lovely tables at camp: @viorlandi @cherrybevents @laurelynsavannah @courtneyjoy_floral @luk.e @meganyanz