Slide for the scary Kitchen & Bathroom Befores: The current kitchen used to be the old attached garage. The bathroom looked like a set from Texas Chainsaw Massacres. After this rehab, we will forever be less intimidated about taking on other projects again.We wanted this cottage because it sits on land adjacent to camp. When we first got it, we had to spend months just gutting it. (It was a nightmare combo of the show Hoarders and a show we haven’t seen yet called Shacks-That-Are-Too-Far-Gone-and-should-have-been-torn-down. It took us nearly 3 years to save what we could, imagining the rest, and forcing it into fruition.Every time I walk in here, its a needed reminder that I try to apply to everything: No matter how bad a current situation is, keep looking past it to the future of what you want it to be. – The dirty deets:David and I found the stove on Craigslist and loaded it on our trailer on dollies with help from the plumber who had it in his garage. Hed taken it out of some fancy houses catering kitchen, where it had barely been used since 1972. We thought it was going to topple and kill us while loading it. The painting was a $60 score from a junk shop-meets-antique shop found on a trip home to my home town Beardstown. The copper pots were collected over the three years I dreamed of building this kitchen – found at barn sales, flea market & yard sales. .More shots at #wandawegahillhouse #wandawegarehabs Lights & cabinet pulls:@rejuvenation / Bath & Kitchen fixtures: @Kohler