Tell us how you wear it and well send you one.Were giving away a half dozen of these to whoever who can give us a new use for the reliable old nail apron. Anybody in a business as small as ours will tell you that everyone has to wear a lot of hats. (We just call them aprons here). And now were making them to share. They are the latest addition to our virtual & onsite campstore (launching soon). Most know them as nail aprons and every lumberyard gave them out when you picked up your load. Ours are 12oz canvas, 3 pockets, silkscreened, made in the U.S.A.And not fancy (like most things here). Their only redeeming quality is that we have found them useful for pretty much everything…GardenApron . CookingApron . MaintenanceApron . CraftApron . BartendingApron . . CleaningApron .You will find our Co-camp director Brad (Instagram @BHWoodworks mostly wearing the carpentry apron in recent days, but isnt afraid to wear any apron to tackle anything, on any day. Like all of us. *note: the hand saw is from camps old stockpile – not from his collection which is always pristine. But this one is about to get the Brad vintage tool treatment to bring it back to life, too..More at #wandawegacustoms