We never expected to get over 700 written ideas & stories shared as a response to our ask for ideas for how to help others during this time. .(We just regret that we dont have the resources to mail a free bottle to everyone who asked).But we are happy to have handed out fifty and shipped out another 70 (with another 50 to distribute here at camp for those who are coming this season). .Sending everyone good vibes for a healthy quarantine. We may be open state here in Wisconsin…. But out of a continued abundance of caution- were opting to stay closed until later in June (and then a slow open with a whole new plan and procedures to help guests protect themselves and others) .So Were spending this month building out personal dock zones, private campfire pics, personal grills and picnic areas- and outfitting every cabin, boat shed, sports shed and cabin with hand sanitizer pumps at the threshold. .And- well be handing out our house White Pine and Fir Germ-Rid More at #wandawegacustoms