UNPACKING..Our BSA official canvas tents are getting unloaded to be erected for the season…. alongside a brand new Camp amenity that has been a dream of ours in the works for years (will share that in a few weeks – so excited for it to finally make its debut.) ..It was a drawing in Our dream list sketchbook ( a raggedy, coffee stained dog-eared notebook) Some pages in it weve managed to bring to fruition, while others get back burnered. Some may never make it out. ..But keeping it alive is the single most powerful tool weve found to making things happen. .This Stay at home order has turned out to be an unexpected chance to repurpose our time… bringing little pages in this book to life. .If somebody would have told us that a forced closure would turn out to be our best small business growth opportunity, we would for sure have written them off. .And yet here we are. Unpacking everything weve had hidden away at camp, the attic, those pages- and taking stock of all the potential ahead. .#SilverLinings …Photo by @bennett_young