Quarantine project Giveaway:New to the working-on-opening-campstore (limited edition of 75): TRAVEL MENDING KITS. Who wants one? Throwing in a flocked flag camp patch so you can test it out.We had custom suede zipper pouches made to create mobile sewing kits. (Like when you need to sew on an emergency camp patch, loose mask strap, or are otherwise just bored.).Featuring: Antique button card vintage wooden thread spoil 1960s needle card set seam ripper travel scissors thimble safety pin set measuring tapeTo be honest, making these was an excuse to hunt down motherloads of collections of vintage thread spools, needle cards and button sets, and sift through them for the best ones for these kits..We created a limited edition of 75 kits, for those who also geek out on the typography on old spool labels. Button cards full with carved bone, shell, Bakelite, wood and leather..Why dont they make advertising giveaways like they used to with these tiny little promotional cards full of needle sets?Well pick a winner end of day..More at #wandawegacustoms