Just in!The tiniest & most under appreciated trophies. .Folks collected these after reaching a summit, hiking an epic trail, or if youre like us, by visiting a national outdoor treasure.Hiking staff medallions where one of the most popular souvenirs in the 20s – 50s at outdoor tourist attractions.Since then, the walking stick has been a steadfast symbol of Trail Life In America. Scouts got the ceremonial standard hiking staff during their rank advancement, but anyone can whittle their own walking stick to show off their medallions collected from hikes around the country.But the real staff medallions are scarce today (they stopped making these badges the traditional way- the modern ones are just enamel pin style). You can only find the antique style at fleas, eBay & antique stores. We where happy to finally find a collector who sourced one of his makers for us. .Ours started with a sketch of our tent hilltop. Then a relief was hand carved, that was turned into a die, that was used to stamp the metal, then hand-painted with spot color (pulled from 40s palettes). Ive always been drawn to theseantique hiking staffs and have picked up a few at fleas in Prague & Vienna. (The best flea where everything is cheap because compared to the states, anything less that 100 years isnt really considered old). .Its sad that somebody spent a lifetime collecting each each trophy – then instead of their life long hiking companion being handed down -it ended up at a junk market 70yrs later.Well never know the hiker who traveled the world to fill this stick. But by the looks of it, they took their last trip in the 40s. And here we are. Some 70+ yrs after theyhammered in their last trophy- we just added one more.This new one is from the most unlikely place on the other side of the world, where what we lack in mountain ranges we make up for in love for the same big sky.Thank you to the stranger who got this stick started for us (there are 3 more spots left we want to fill when we see more National Parks). There just is never enough time. #goals .The Hiking stick Medallians will be in the new camp store .More at #wandawegacustoms