UPDATE: thank you so much to all of you who shared your links and ideas on how to help/ support/ make change and bring more awareness – FOR THOSE WHO HAVE requested a list of what tangible actions we have made and will make : please see below .#peace to all ..Waking up this morning looking out this window and looking for ways to help. I start most mornings here and am always struck when thinking about what life in America was like 95 years ago when this place was built. Were the people that stood here in this same spot in 1925 compassionate? Empathetic for their fellow humans? Were they even aware of racial injustice? Or sadly were they indifferent?.The view of nature outside these windows has not changed. And, unfortunately societys view on racial equality has not changed nearly enough. .We want to do more to help and are going to start this morning by donating to a racial justice fund: but feeling admittedly ashamed to not already have the answer to this: .Where are the most helpful places that our donations can make an actual difference? (We realize that donating wont fix this, but we feel like it cant hurt to at least make an effort)..To date, for almost as long as we have owned camp, we have been doing these things:. . donating the camp for inner city kids in need, (from a full week takeover to groups).gifting packages to school auctions to support ethnic diversity (and those who teach children about racism).donating camp packages to fundraisers to promote diversity of all kinds .. educating our young daughter on the meaning of racial injustice, humanity and equality ..but it doesnt ever feel like enough, especially in times like this- so we are now also going to try harder and donate to some recommendations that we get here as well..Trying to keep positive this morning and every morning we will not give up hope for a brighter future where human rights, love, equality & justice for all are here for good. ..#blacklivesmatter … @bobcoscarelli for @countrylivingmag cover