Chipmunk Rescue Update: he woke up, and is stumbling around a bit now – thanks to the responses here on Instagram we found the animal rescue outside Lake Geneva about 20 min away, Fellow Mortals (a not for profit that takes in 2000 animals a year). They called right back and we just drove him there. They think they may be able to save him ?? Dunno yet..We wanted to keep him as a pet and call him SCOUT. (They said hell no). At least theyre able to save him. Hopefully. Its the little wins that get us through these days. ..We just found him on the ground! Hes still breathing. But we dont know what to do. Is there such a thing as chipmunk rescue? Is it possible that he fell from a tree and knocked himself unconscious ? His little cheeks are still full of food. how do we know if hes in pain or not??.Help