Guess whos pregnant ?! We cant believe Bailey is already grown up (she is our neighbors dog and best friend of our mutt Frankie). .the vet tells neighbor Joe that come July there will be puppies at camp! Baileys owners are keeping one, others are going to friends, family and the doggie daddy.Shes expecting a bunch of blonde (and maybe chocolate?) mini Baileys..Charlie said when the puppies are old enough, she wants us to lay in a grass and let them crawl all over her..That sounds like a pretty good idea to us… *UPDATE: Note for clarity for some recent incoming questions and concerns : We do not own Bailey. We did not breed her. We are not breeding dogs or involved in the selling of them. The owners of both dogs are old friends, our neighbor is not running a puppy mill. Our own dog (and first child) frankie is a rescue from a high kill shelter – we found him 12 years We always encourage people to first consider saving a dog that needs a home. .To learn more see todays profile line. The story Why We Rescue… of how and why we chose to adopt vs buy :