Whos ready to take in summer?This month (and every month of the year) we celebrate LGBTQ pride by raising the flag on our opening weekend . This past weekend was the first chance to implement our new socially distanced protocols & accommodations…and we are so grateful that the separate groups who came here made it all run smoothly (well share some of their pics here soon)..It made us grateful for the people we draw here. Accepting, creative, open minded, diverse, loving folks. Families and friend groups – co-workers, and sisterhoods of all ilk. We love them all. … One of our favorite groups we hosted in the past is @thewanderboys . The privilege of having this beautiful community of fun, big-hearted people helps to give this place (and us) purpose. These shots are from LAST summers event.. ABOUT: The Wander Boys believe that travel is the best way to learn more about yourself, and each other. So we take our wigs on the road and trek to some of the most unique destinations around the world. We get out of our shells and into our heels for one unforgettable adventure. And as we blossom as a brotherhood we thrive to give back to LGBTQ+ communities across the globe. Founded in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves as one of the most diverse LGBTQ+ communities in the creative capital of the world. The Wander Boys first chapter is 24 members and continues to grow in the City of Angels.