UPDATE : 30 winners picked! were reaching out for addresses & packing to this week to ship! .FREE TO GOOD HOMES. . spark joy ..Were shipping out a case of these (Nested inside little swag bag of other camp goodies). Because if getting a little package of fun things in your mailbox can make folks stuck at home even 1% happier for the day- then its worth it. (And also, wrapping gifts for strangers makes us happy- like a quarantine secret Santa sort of thing ) ..These little books of fire sticks used be called feature matches. The tiny individual tear-out match sticks themselves where printed. Most commonly, they featured little scenes and people, made as promotional items for all sorts of businesses from bars and supper clubs to burlesque joints..We have been searching for a match manufacturer to make these for at least a dozen years… with no luck (at least In the US, they where banned because the methods they used to make back then was dangerous) .Finally last fall we found a maker who found a way to print them again with a match factory in Germany! … so after lots of screwing up the design and rebuilding it again- our camp customs just arrived! .. Feature matches where popular from the 1940s-60s .(Scroll to 4th shot for the vintage collection that inspired our version).Ours feature: > Map to find this teeny lake> The top 9 activities to do here> Our mantra ALL ARE WELCOME…> Diversity. (that the old school feature matchbooks didnt ever include, but should have).We think that MATCHBOOKS Are under-rated joy-sparkers: . campfire building . smores making . lantern lighting . More ideas welcome.. *Smokey says he will break your legs if you dont use these with caution & respect for the environment. .The swag bags that were shipping out include:> antique dead stock beer coaster> set of (our new) stickers > vintage camp postcard > feature matchbook & the house standard book.Play & Rest, Friends.Love, Camp ..HOW TO GET A CAMP SPARK JOY SWAG BAG: by end of day tomorrow. picking 30 comments to ship out 30 bags .These will also be in our new camp store .More at #wandawegacustoms