This is nine..A friend visiting last weekend just surprised us this morning with a text of some shots she snuck of our daughter. This first photo, my first split second thought: whos that ? I didnt recognize her.Suddenly aware of the camera in a way she wasnt last summer (when she was throwing mud pies). A little more reserved, conscious of her hair. Posture. Now shes more easily embarrassed and vocal about how annoying we are.I cant pinpoint when it happened, but our Charlie girl toddler is suddenly gone and a tween has taken her place.Moms: how much longer will she still let me hold her hand? Snuggle on the couch? Before she pushes me away entirely into her teenage years? These photos make me smile so hard that I dont realize Im crying.So This is nine.For those of us who have spent 80 percent of our waking hours (for decades) in an office will this be the first time we get to bear witness to our children actual growing up before our eyes?Thank you, @melissalouisesalvatore @alittlephotostudio for stopping time for us (pics 2,3).