JUST IN: New Custom Camp store product.Something our guests need and appreciate.Our own little house brand of SHOO-FLY REPELLENT.Our all natural, camp-made insect repellent comes in vintage amber glass 2.5 oz pharmacy bottles that we found through a dealer who specializes in finding dead stock pharmacy supplies for the military.3 Ingredients :> Witch Hazel> Jojoba Oil> Citronella OilOur label features the early 1900s mosquito hood that is the alternative to wearing bug repellant. Ours is admittedly far less effective than DEET, but kinder to the skin .Scroll to see shot 6 of a brand called SKAT from the 60s, amazing..Scroll to see shot 5 of our obsessive hoarding of vintage insect repellent bottles for inspiration .More at #wandawegacustoms