“They operate on a Trust thy neighbor or go get a room at The Holiday Inn’ policy. Embrace it or fear it, but we think thats pretty cool.” . Thx for the feature, @antiquearchaeology !.More excerpts; “Since 1925, Camp Wandawega, a one-time speakeasy turned nostalgic campground, has been the destination for campers willing to manage with the bare necessities as they retreat and reconnect with nature. The camp rests on 25 acres of shores of Wandawega Lake, fresh waters teeming with smallmouth bass and a collection of car keys left behind by generations of eager campers who forgot to empty their pockets before cannonballing off the dock.Nothing fancy about Wandawega. You should know right now that your sleep might be interrupted by the tickle of ladybugs creeping across your pillow, and it might take a few min to get used to the creak of an 80yr -old bed frame topped with less-than-luxe 10-thread-count-sheets.But you should also know that many celebrities have retreated here & had the best time. The moment you turn the corner to camp, youll be met with a sloppy kiss from Wandawegas official welcome committee: furry, four-legged Frankie and owners/camp rangers David Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt. (CORRECTION FROM US ONLY FRANKIE WILL KISS YOU ;) Theyve pretty much left the old buildings alone except for enhancing the decor with historic memorabilia, adding amusements like books & puzzles. Yes, we said puzzles theyre part of the secret plan to lure you in and get you to turn off your phone.What a comfort to know that there are still places in the world that remind you that life can be easy and simple without all the commotion and clutter. That unplugging for a bit allows you to notice the goodness of life around you and to be present in the moment, and it gives you time to try baiting a hook or building a fire.Its places like Wandawega that engage our minds, feed our souls and remind us of the joy that comes from reconnecting with simpler joys. Make a reservation and youll have a great story for your friends. You can talk about your glorious weekend jumping off docks, hooking your dinner & catching lightning bugs. Grizzly Adams would be proud