UPDATE: although this last minute cancellation booking got snatched up a few min after we posted this notice, – we appreciate all of the inquiries, and we since weve Postponed or cancelled all of our large all-camp-takeover events for the season, we still have some other openings this summer- all on Airbnb on a first come first serve basis. ….Last minute cancellation..Who wants come Fourth of July weekend? .First to book it on the Airbnb link gets it:.Airbnb.com/p/wandawega CAMP WANDAWEGA RUSTIC CAMPING CLUSTER.This is our most rustic group accommodation in the woods.INCLUDES: (all private for this rental cluster)> New style Tipi .> A-Frame cabin .> Sterlingworth cabin (now with power) .> Fox Den boyscout platform tent .> Birds Nest boyscout platform tent> Bass Hole boyscout platform tent> The Nature Watching stand .> The Firewood ShedPrivate Grill, picnic tables, camp latrine, campfire pit all included in our in new social distancing offering.