Every bootstrapping small rural businesses had these back in the day… and now its the one thing every guest gets in their room when they check (a staple from a bygone era).After WWII- there was a big push in America to bounce back & reignite growth in small businesses. One of the promos were a fan giveaways, preaching the benefits of supporting local community mom & pops. .We found one of these antiques and put it back in production. Seems like everybody could use some support right now.When guests came to ‘Hotel Wandawega’ in the 1920s, they would have packed these (Camp did not have AC back then, and we don’t now (in many buildings). But every room now comes stocked with two things:A ‘Window Jack’ that walks you through the steps of operating our 95 year old window.A room fan.And one of these little dandies hanging on a hook on your door.(By 1920’s summer camp standards, these would have been considered ‘high class amenities’)We have three diff styles with the humble old school wooden handles with leather loops- in designs featuring 1920s tourism posters, Smokey Bear & 40’s lake paintings. A few excerpts that are as relevant today as they where 70 years ago. :(Zoom into the shots if you are as detail obsessed as we are)….A DOZEN POINTS FOR HOME TOWN PROGRESS. These 12 reasons for Home Town Progress have a direct bearing on you. As your town grows and prospers, your interests are bettered, living conditions improved & greater happiness is enjoyed by all. Boost your town by trading in it.The business merchants are counted upon to keep the town in a progressive condition. Help them by trading with them. A town cannot be better or bigger than its business and professional interests.As part of our mission to immerse guests in another era, we started hoarding antique cardboard fans (as research to create our own camp series) These fans where once staples at every county fair, picnic & country church in the first half of the 20th century.For more information on how we rough it here, visit our MLE (Manifesto of Low Expectations)We’ll have these fans in our camp store soon!.More at #wandawegacustoms