(2) New project(s) .COVID forced the cancellation of our entire 2020 season of group rentals, events, weddings & retreats.(The majority of our bookings for the calendar year are large gatherings secured a year out). This was scheduled to be our biggest season to date. To keep this small business afloat, we depend on those rentals. .One of the bummers was that we had to put a hold on the construction of the 4 rustic A-frame cabins that had been scheduled to go up. #nextyearSo in our stubborn pursuit to find the bright side of all things, we decided to quit our wallowing, get off our tails, & rethink what else we could do-until we get through this.So it is with joy to finally get to share what else weve been working on. We commissioned a pair of old school canvas wedge tents for the season. (finishing outfitting today)It took 4mos to find a fabricator to custom make them for us. This particular style is lifted from our camp patch, in these dimensions in this color – 8 ft peak in goldenrod yellow.- it doesnt exist on the market..Ive literally been toting around a pic of a 69 BSA wedge tent and a screen grab of the mess tent in Moonrise Kingdom to color match, only to be told NO by 4 manufacturers.THE BIRCH & THE WALNUT as we affectionately call them. – Behr of Maine Camp stools & chairs – Double entrances w/zip-tight bug screens- 70s aluminum camp cots (w/ mattress toppers)- vintage navy blue coolers & lanterns- Adirondack twig side tables- @faribaultmill camp blankets* 1st shot is just the photoshop comp; after shots coming soon.Coming soon is our motto this year. Were looking forward in every way we can, cause weve found that this manifest what you envision thing actual does work. We were already 70% booked for our social distance-friendly options just 10 days after our re-opening (& love meeting all the guests!)All said, were still able to put this into perspective, given so many other small businesses & lives that this pandemic has affected in more devastating ways. .Its a humbling reminder for us to be grateful for the little things. .Little yellow tents are a good start for us.