New (and by far, our favorite) addition to the campstore is here .We originally created these as a guest gift for the folks at @shinola a few years ago when we hosted a creative retreat for their leadership team & press.The most authentic to summercamp – an archery arrow.In a workshop tucked away in the Woods in Washington is a woman who has been making the perfect wooden archery arrows for nearly 60 years. She makes them wirh the same antique equipment she learned on, as taught by her father. .It took us months of researching American family-owned arrow makers to finally find @suzannestcharles – a second generation artisan still crafting them on the same vintage equipment.We would begin the process of picking the feathers. Who knew that there are so many feather options? All scissor cut & hand died..Then selecting the sinew style (to tie off the tips)..Then the wood type for the shafts themselves. (A dozen diff varieties, based on use of arrow).Then we dug into the exploration for the patterns for the hand painted lacquer color bands, (each signify a different thing, as is the Boy Scouts order of the arrow tradition)..A dozen different versions were designed before we landed on the banding story this arrow would tell..After rounds testing, samples, shaft band combos… each arrow was hand made, numbered & signed.We even found a company who still manufactures the original 50s arrow shipping boxes.) enclosed in the box is a letterpress thank you card, affixed with a brass hat clip fish hook. We made only 40 of these, but our friend @jolinerivera was so taken by the arrow craftsmanship that she did a story in SWEET PAUL mag on @nwarchery titled The making of an American Arrow..These arrows are as special as the few people who still possess the talent to make them. Weve decided to commission another small batch from Suzanne for our camp store, (opening soon in the coming weeks). Photos in @Sweet Paul by @kathryngamblephoto + @bobcoscarelli @paulstrabbingSuzanne, you are a treasure, a true talent & an inspiration. .*campstore version features Wandawega logo instead of Shinola & doesnt include the book or bag