This left me equal parts intrigued, fascinated, mesmerized (and a little freaked out).Its a Music video shot entirely here at Camp. .What this film team went through to get these shots They brought in a dump truck of dirt to bury her alive on the beach. She was wading in frigid temps out in the middle of the lake forever. And dont know how they got her inside the tree, tho?).I may never be able to watch the TV set in the bunkhouse lounge again after seeing her image there… but the whole video is so beautifully executed and such gorgeous cinematography, we have to give the team props .(This is just a clip & the images are other scenes: to see the full edit, visit YouTube Katie Dey- Dissolving ARTIST: Katie Dey – “Dissolving” (Official Music Video)Directed by: @johntereick & Dakota SillymanProducer: Lainey MuhlbergDirector of Photography: David Hughes JrStarring: Ashley Thompson Editor: John TerEickColor: The Mill Chicago