We have a long history of bonfires here..(Shots here at camp from the 1971 annual St. Johns summer solstice festival, “Jani”. Davids family was part of the community who dressed up in traditional garb & celebrated with a huge bonfire.)It’s why the inside of our matchbooks says HOME OF THE KING SIZED BONFIRE’We now have a socially-distanced version, with 5 separate campfire sites across the campgrounds for each small guest group to build their own smaller version. Upon camper registration, each group gets a DIY “Campfire Kit” to learn the art of fire-making, and get the satisfaction & lumber jack confidence of finally being able to achieve what every 10 year old scout has already mastered: the art of camp fire building. .photos: @lakeaffectchicago @liztaylor @chrisstrongphotography @girlscouts