Stocking up the store! Next up in our throwback offerings will be (when we open soon) our glass bead change purses (featuring camps vintage hotel room key fob pull tags).Coin purses were a staple in summer camps for the last century – kids packed change to spend in the camp commissary to buy postcards & stamps to write home. Change bags were also common in the roadside souvenir shops of a bygone era. Most people dont carry change purses anymore; theyve outlived their usefulness in all practical terms. Which isWhy we have a soft spot for them. Ours come in varying designs & patterns, but we tried to curate more abstract geometric patterns. We found them at a makers market while on our family vacation last year. David is a Hernandez, a common name for a family from the rural countryside outside of Morelia. These remind him of the vibrant colors of the simple gifts Nanna would bring back from her annual trips home to Mexico.Last shot is collage of some of our research on different style of glass bead pouches from around the world. We are expanding the collection to celebrate other regions as well – to not only include southwestern, western and Native inspired patterns, but a wider variety also representing Baltic designs (especially since we bought camp from the Latvian church)