Beers + watching the sunset is a Wisco summertime must-do tradition. So we had to make our own camp beer taster set to keep this tradition alive.( and… making this little gift collection was the best excuse to collect every single vintage beer tasting glass that we could get our paws on – for design inspiration)Tucked inside youll also find some camp swag and a set of four vintage pulp board brewery coasters from various beer makers of Wisconsin and across America..The glasses themselves are not particularly special. They arent hand-painted, cut crystal or imported from Italy. They just hold beer…And are best used while sitting on a dock with friends watching a sunset like we had here last night. But you wont find them anywhere else in the world but here, so we hope that they are a little reminder of your visit, and a bigger reminder to just slow down and never take these sunsets for granted.It is our latest addition to the campstore, that were finally launching next week!!After a year of laboring and curating it, wed really like a beer to toast yall to that. .Sunset photo by @penticoff51