You wake up to birdsong here is what our old 1930s brochure promised. When you stay in the pair of new Birch & Hickory goldenrod canvas tents you feel like you are nestled in the treetops. They are perched on a ridge on cantilevered platform decks.Ease out of bed in the morning to your own private adjoining hillside deck to take in the view, watch the sunrise with friends and enjoy campfire coffee. .We are getting better at doing it simple: each platform tent is open on both ends for a cross breeze through the zippered bug screen and comes equipped with just the basics:Roll out cot mattresses cooler to keep the critters out of your breakfast.a supply of vintage field & stream magazinespair of binoculars we are finishing off the interiors now with the soon-to-launch new @faribaultmill x Camp Wandawega blankets also equipping them with 1970s Coleman electric hurricane lanterns & coolersperiod hand knotted rugs for those card games on the floor. sheet sets & pillows are provided in your RACOON-proof footlocker For august, this pair is available to book as an add-on for guest group overflow for those booking our other Airbnb listings (but it might have its own listing later this summer). If all continues to go as planned, this ridge will be lined with a cluster of 4 tent cabins arranged in a circle across the kettle from each other (which already includes the nature watching stand for rainy day gatherings). Guests will be able to shout to their friends across the kettle, then join them for a beer at the base, around the campfire (or take dip in the hot tub that weve got our eyes and hearts set on next )