THE THINGS WE KEEP. (Our camp shop sneak peek) we are obsessed with the old here. With the things that are past their prime & boast the wear that only a long life can earn. We honor people, places and things that show their age. Cause In this youth/new /trend obsessed culture, its a privilege to survive even a single season. None of our store offerings are particularly fancy. But all of them are precious in some way. > Antique books with notes scrawled in the margins 100 years ago. > A quiver of hand painted arrows that in the era of Roosevelt where used to shoot more than targets. > Wear-worn brass belt buckles of trout, stag & pheasant from the Hank generation > A poker set gifted 90-years ago. (Waiting to play their first game that would never come.)> Pocketknives of bone & wood – from a time when everyone carried one, everyday. So because we are overly nostalgic about giving old objects new life, weve been on a mission to hunt down the things that have layers. so we can tell their stories and then blow them back out into the world like dandelion seeds. Instagram has given us a greater breath support than we could have ever imagined – so itll be fun to see how far we can spread these (U.S. shipping)Were obsessed with vintage because its a little reminder to embrace age in every form (unless its your truck brakes).And practically speaking, If a pocketknife can still serve its intended purpose 4 gens later, then it deserves to still be used. More than likely, the original owners of these objects have long since passed on. Weve given their precious book/quiver/patch/game a home, and now theyre looking for their next new home.Our store launches Friday.And so were taking in a greatbig hopefulbreath.* Our initial launch offering will be with our own line of old school, custom souvenirs. But it wouldnt be camp if we didnt also include a section with our fav vintage gear & goods. We like to think that theres a little bit of residual good karma that every object absorbs from their former owners & the time they spend here on our mantles & in cabins.