Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, well be opening these doors, virtually.This is the room that we built our new online camp store around; the old rathskeller is now being used as the pull pack & ship room for our online store. And our inventory storage room. And our private bar. Were carrying on a tradition that started back during prohibition, but we now pour ourselves lattes instead of bath tub gin.Theres still a trap door in the back room of the old saloon floor upstairs with a rickety staircase that leads down to this room. Patrons could sneak down here to play the nickel slots, poker and get a drink from Annie – the madame who also managed the working girls she set up in what is now the bunkhouse. In 1942, Annie was sent to prison for what she did in this room. .This space is pretty much the same as it was back then.We still dont dont have a store front.Or business hours.We dont have a bartender or a shopkeep.Walk-ins are still not welcome..But if you happen to be staying here in one of our cabins as a guest, knock twice. Most days were down here making old things new again. Well be happy to tell you the stories behind all of our products Visit at 8am tomorrow morning.