STAYING PUT.If we just met you, you prob missed our earlier confession that we had a big reality check this year.EVERY scheduled event = cancelled by Covid.Not knowing how long wed close for left us all sorts of scared. (The kind of scared that makes you either hunker down or double down).Fast forward 5 mos: suddenly surrounded by some of the most inspiring creatives that we could ever hope to meet. A few we’ve been fortunate to spend time with here in last 2 weeks: new creative friends of all ilk from artist @AmandaDemme to Nashville pwrhouse Ben @strategichospitality, Gen & Ben @pencilandpaperco . to baller @benleberofficial & old friends/neighbors @mindysegal, Glen @Wilco, Cody & fam @Struggle_inc, Jake @threadless, @landandseadept, dear creative maven joey @SOHOhouse & fam (+ a dozen more tagged here – damn caption limits!)They all built their livelihoods on their creativity, sheer willpower & elbow grease.Esp in this time of distancing, we dont take for granted standing across a campfire to connect w/folks we look up to. They make us more inspired, creative, motivated, hopeful (& speaking personally, better at my day job as a creative)It took a pandemic for us to find out that staying put doesnt mean you cant move forward. (3rd shot: yesterdays trip to ship out our 1st week’s camp store orders!).Stillness in quarantine helped us focus & absorb the creative energy coming in through these gates every day. And were here for it.These folks are teaching us by example.To look for creativity outside of your day job / industry / bubble. They help us stay inspired, stay grateful & stay put.Try to surround yourself w creative friends – so you are right where you need to be when that boomerang of good vibes you’ve been sending out into the world comes back to you.Throwing out good vibes to all y’all from our little lake cabins in woods.Love,Camp+ our comment below.. @amypoturnicki @sanborncanoe