Giveaway!(Tag somebody to follow / enter). The Camp treehouse library is mostly empty these days. With Covid cancelling our large group visits this season – and with social distancing so crucial – only a couple of people can be up there at a time. So we think the book stacks may be getting a little lonely.The treehouse and its book loft were created to be shared. So we’ve decided to them virtually by giving away the book that tells the story of how this treehouse came to be. It came out a few years ago (so many new followers might not know theres a book about the treehouse, explaining its origins)..Its called The Forever Tree and its a story about how you can look at something that has died and see something sad or you can choose to see something beautiful. Its about community and loss.Its about finding hope in the face of losing someone, someplace. Recommended reading for kids ages 4-100.If you want one, TO ENTER, just double tap (or leave a good vibes comment for somebody else). Then tag the person you think might want one, too.You & the friend you choose (both following along with us here) will both be entered to win. We will randomly pick winners Sunday. We’ll ship yall out a book wrapped up in our camp swag goodies along with one special little addition:A little good luck and good karma talisman. It is a piece of the actual treehouse tree, cut from one of the limbs & carved up by one of the tree house builders @teichelman1973 .Each comes with a little note that explains the milestones associated with the tree rings in the 100 years since the tree was a sprout… and how anything can be a good luck charm if you choose to believe in the power of positive thought & second chances. (Zoom 4th pic)Somebody alot smarter than us once said that “A ROOM WITHOUT BOOKS IS LIKE A BODY WITHOUT A SOUL. We tend to agree. And think theres always more space in our rooms & homes for more soul…..Quote: Marcus Tullius CiceroCo-author: @donnalukascp Illustrator: @nicolaslater Photos 2/3/8: @bobcoscarelli builders: @teichelman1973 @bladonconner @finney____finney @tylerjordanpeterson @shaun_oa