We took a social distancing staycation 90 min from Chicago.And it was fast. Easy. & we cant recommend it enough. .Weve been quarantining here since March so we decided to make a break and head to Michigan this past weekend.Turns out that renting a dream house on a farm (this place has been featured in our fav mags) is a great way to avoid people, and still feel like youre taking a vaca.We got to move into a gorgeous farm estate and pretend like we live there. The best part: the whole place cost about the same price as one fancy downtown hotel room – and anyone can rent it – sleeps up to 8.Top 10 fav socially distanced things we did that we cant recommend enough.1. HIKE Tryon Farm trails (yard cocktails at a friends place there, but there are private home & guest house rentals). Gorgeous Dwell-Like homes, nature trails. .2. TOUR the @thefrosthouse . Our good friends hosted us this time but watch for their 2021 tours dates that you can get through various charity auctions..3. BOOK the @ParchmentHouse where we stayed (but book fast, its popular).4. SHOP all the roadside farmers stands to grill out at the farm on their outdoor culinary setup. .5. DRIVE and tour of Sawyer, New Buffalo, Three Oaks area (we are architecture freaks so the lakeshore homes and historic towns are ).6. PICK your own fruits at the open farms in the area..7. TASTE the meats at family owned since 1800s Driers butcher shop in Three Oaks.8. STOP at the outdoor vintage market on the square at Three Oaks .9. Update : Reccos by commenters here : @journeyman_co (well visit next time ).10.WHAT WE DO NOT RECOMMENDWrestling a garden snake with your bare hands in an attempt to save a toad from of its fangs, to keep your 9 year old from having nightmares. This last shot is of David). Ultimately, The snake would not let go…. and Charlie is not going to befriend snakes in the future.Photo of frost house : @bobcoscarelli bobcoscarelli