What kind of bird are YOU We tracked down the family who invented the Audubon birdcall back in the 50s and asked them to make custom ones for guests.Ours come engraved & arrive with a little camp bird song identifier chart, a bird feather, in a linen carrying pouch. (So you can tote it around when you take our Camp Counselor-led nature walk).Youll find the Audubon bird call in the campstore, but youre on your own to find the birds. ABOUT:Photo is from the New York Times magazine 1953, talking about his new invention. From his farm in Newington, Connecticut, Roger Eddy and his family made and sold the original Audubon Bird Call for over 50 years. his grandsons Martin and Sam Fox moved the company to their home state of Rhode Island. The Fox brothers have continued Roger Eddy’s commitment to high quality and hand-made bird calls.HOWS IT WORK?The bird calls sound is produced by rotating the wooden cylinder against the cast zinc plug. By varying the pressure between the two surfaces while twisting back and forth, a variety of bird sounds can be accurately imitated. WHERED IT START?Originally conceived by songbird hunters, the bird call attracts birds by creating the illusion that other birds are in the area.Recognized by multiple generations of birders and outdoors people, the Audubon Bird Call has been made and tuned by hand in the USA in the same way for over 60 years.+ Each bird call is made in Rhode Island of USA components, and with care, will provide decades of service. + The original Audubon Bird Call, in classic red packed in standard gift box. + Sturdy cast zinc and solid birch construction. + Rosin capsule included to maintain the calls distinctive chirp. .First shot of Charliegirl by @bobcoscarelli Darren