(on)Theyre on the truck! Finally arriving next week (and we couldnt be more excited). When we first opened the #WandawegaHillHouse our search for a 100+ year old U.S.A. maker led us to partner up with The Homer Laughlin China Company in Newell, West Virginia.They created a custom line of old school diner style dishes to stock up our kitchen, for event dinners and chef events…they created hundreds of pieces in a wide range and sizes of plates, bowls, cups, platters.EVERY piece is hand pinstriped (watch this old timer in the film) in what they call their Green Bay Stripe forest green shade. We get a lot of guests asking if they can buy our house hammer mugs (a nickname earned sometime in the mid century because they weigh in at about a pound each, heavy enough and durable enough to pound a nail).THEIR STORY Is what means the most to us:- They where founded in 1871, and still make the dishes in the original beautiful ivy-covered brick compound shown here.- In 1903, their biggest customer was the 5 & dime Woolworths (where they were made famous because the lunch counter waitresses could drop a diner mug and it wouldnt break).- The American Cereal Co. out of Chicago packed free oatmeal bowls in Mother’s Oats boxes.- During World War II, they shifted their production to making dishes to support the U.S. armed forces.We will be introducing a small collection that includes three different Homer Laughlin x Camp Wandawega custom pieces.They arrive next week- And we cant wait to add them to wandawegacampstore.com, and to share the story behind each piece, and let folks finally get to take home a little piece of hand made American history…#homerlaughlin #homerlaughlinchina #homerlaughlinchinacompany ..Special thanks to our friend and brand alchemist @maxwastler. He is the reason for this and a few of our other camp brand collaborations, and we are indebted to him. We first learned of this amazing American company by watching Maxs show Made Right Here. Every cool thing that gets made, Max can tell you the story behind, and he tells it so well.