In good times and bad..A magical little commitment ceremony happened here once in our back woods.It was years ago now and that human-sized birds nest they stood in has almost disintegrated back into the earth now.It made our hearts heavy thinking about all the brides (and grooms, and bride-grooms) who spent a year or more sweating every detail planning their big day here (little did any of us know that it wouldnt come to be in 2020).We dont think It matters much where you end up having your commitment ceremony. (Says the mom & pop business who pays the bills with event bookings )We think that the meaningful part is the act of committing in front of everyone that you love & care about (that also loves and cares about you).For better, for worse, For richer, for poorer, In sickness and health…-Thats the stuff that keeps us sane and happy in the end. Most of us will only say those words of commitment once in our lifetimes (and only to one other person).But doesnt it feel like wed all be a little more happy/sane/safe/loved if we made that promise to our immediate family and friends, too? We think it couldnt hurt.So heres to committing everyday to making more good times out of these bad times – for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness & health (wherever you happen to be standing when you say it)..And – just thinking…Its time to restore that human-sized-birds nest now. I dont think its ready to return to the earth just yet. (And we dont like to give up on things around here.)……….The visionary (aka: Creative Director/ producer/designer/stylist/planner) in all of these photos is also the beautiful bride, Victoria Hermanny : @viorlandi Photography by @meganyanz. Floral by the talented @courtneyjoy_floral. Planning by @huebysd