16 years ago today David & I tied the knot here.—-It started raining right before guests arrived,and did not stop until the sun went down.I wore wellie boots down a muddy aisle that was lined with daisies & friends.Wed only bought camp 6 months before (so it was still nearly a condemned property.).So we just locked all the building doors to all the cabins, threw down grass seed and a threw up a big tent.We rolled in racks of raincoats and umbrellas.We danced in 3 inches of water & finally coaxed a bonfire out of soggy logs with sooo many gallons of diesel fuel.We were cash poor from sinking everything we had into just getting this dilapedated camp.So the whole wedding was on a shoe string budget. (literally, $12k all in for food, booze, rental, band, flowers… everything.)We shelled out more for the porta potty rentals than we did my wedding dress & all bridesmaids dresses for my sisters combined.Our cake was $100 from a local bakery, we made our own table flowers from local green house, thrifted every Salvation Army in 3 counties for the tent & table decor and had a friend take our pictures.Proof that you dont have to have a big wedding budget or be fancy to have a nice wedding came when Martha featured a little story with a photo of a bride in a mud drenched dress on the tree swing There is an old saying: Rain on your wedding day is good luck. Its attributed to several cultures (but mainly from the Hindu) with the idea that since marriage is often referred to as tying the knot, a wet knot is harder to untie & signifies a strong marriage.Happy anniverary to us & to everyone who gets rained on the day of their wedding.As luck would have it, todays wedding forecast calls for rain here.I think were heading outside..It feels like a million years away, as these blurry photo will attest to. (The result of being 6 months in quarantine when all you can find are screen captures of old memories)