We miss having our traditional big gatherings around here. (100 people around an epic bonfire).This morning I came across this clip from one of the creative retreats we hosted. It reminded us of how good it feels to be able to be with people.In this case, shooting skeet, arrows and whiskey with our creative friends at @shinola Were looking forward to the day we can all hang out in big camp groups again, around our traditional huge bonfires. .Until then, were happy to be hosting smaller socially distanced quaranteam groups of guests – where we can still offer all of the traditional outdoor activities.We may be spreading smaller groups of folks across 25 acres of cabins and 5 campfires these days (instead of packed around one massive bonfire) but as Charlie pointed out the other day (with the sarcastic eye roll a 9 year old who thinks shes 16):MOM, smores taste just as good on the little campfires as they do on those big scary ones.Shes got a point.(Learning something new everyday from this little adult).Stay safe.Eat more smores.(No matter if its in your fireplace, backyard or stovetop).